Affordable Chiropractic Digital X-Ray Systems

As a chiropractor, you’re constantly choosing between keeping your practice on the cutting-edge and keeping your business in the black. Founded by one of today’s leading practitioners, Biokinemetrics understands your challenges and is dedicated to helping you exceed that balance through powerful and cost-effective digital technologies.

Give us just 15 minutes to show you how our affordable digital x-ray systems, which can be retrofitted to your existing film-based equipment, can have a huge impact on your practice. No sales pitch – just an online demonstration to give you the answers you need.

Biokinemetrics Digital X-Ray Equipment

Retrofit Solutions

See how you can maximize your past and future investments with our digital x-ray retrofit solutions.


Image of Digital X-Ray Report

Instant Report of Findings

Save 15 minutes per patient per visit, explore the power of instant RoFs.


Chiropractor Holding Tablet with Digital X-Ray

Increase Patient Compliance

Imagine if nearly all your patients completed their recommended care plans. What impact would that have on patient health and practice profitability?


Need a reason to bring your practice into the digital era?
How about ten reasons…
The suite of ChiroSight digital x-ray solutions:

1. Allows chiropractors to share DX with patients via a powerful, visual means that has a direct impact on patient compliance – and referrals
2. Gives patients a great first impression – and the distinct impression of being seen as a modern, tech-savvy healthcare clinic – and also helps with referrals
3. Improves practice profitability through newfound efficiencies – diagnostic-quality images in seconds versus 10 to 15 minutes – and true EHR integration
4. Empowers doctors to improve patient communication with a custom-labeled, auto-generated Report of Findings Tool
5. Turns an x-ray room from a cost center into a profit center
6. Helps improve patient health as a DR system will be used more often and at lower radiation dosages than will a film-based system
7. Provides for vastly improved interoperability with other healthcare professionals and hospitals, resulting in improved case management and new referrals from others
8. Can easily be retrofitted to an existing film-based system – at half the cost of a full DR system
9. Gives chiropractors peace of mind with the profession’s longest-lasting system, longest warranty on the market, and full technical support for both hardware and software
10. Employs the latest DR technology available on the planet – all manufactured by Biokinemetrics – guaranteeing full compatibility for both hardware and software systems