I Want to Retrofit My Existing Film-Based System

For those looking to leverage their existing film-based equipment – there are two options: choose the longest-lasting, highest-quality system with our Digital Sensor – or the latest technology in digital x-ray with our new Flat Panel.

I Want a Complete Digital X-ray System

Nothing screams MODERN like our new U-Arm complete digital x-ray system. For less than $40K you can get a brand new tube, powerful generator, digital sensor and our ChiroSight software, all installed. Now you can capture the spinal image of your patients…and make an impression on them.

I Already Have a Digital X-ray System

Our software-only solution revolutionizes your existing digital x-ray hardware and helps you achieve a new level of communication with your patients – dramatically increasing patent compliance and practice profits. The Radiology Report generator and data back-up features keep you compliant with state boards and HIPAA.

I Have Film but Want the Benefits of Digital

The ChiroSight Digitizer gives doctors the best of both worlds – and the least expensive way to go digital in the profession! Take your existing film, digitize it, and take advantage of our powerful annotation software and wow your patients!


Superior Efficiency.


No Monthly Fees Required.


Patient Expectations Exceeded.


That Will Blow Your Mind.


Lasts Over 2 Decades.


We Get You. We Are You.

The Chiropractor’s Bill of Rights

We, the Doctors of Chiropractic, believe firmly that:
Every patient deserves to have access to the best healthcare – where surgery and scripts are a last resort, not a first.
Every chiropractor has the right to affordable digital x-ray technology that produces diagnostic-quality images.
Every practice should have digital x-ray equipment that will last not just for years, but for decades.
Every patient should be empowered to have the ability to see – and electronically share – their spinal health images with loved ones.
Every practice should be equipped with the right technology tools to demonstrate the evidence for care.
Our end goal: longer lasting and better outcomes.

“As spine-care experts, the impetus is on us as chiropractors to use technology to know the spinal health status and condition of our patients to promote trust in our ability to properly diagnose and care for our patients.  To see is to know…to not see is to guess.”

Dr. Steven J. Kraus DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FASA, FICC
President and Founder of Biokinemetrics

20/20, Naomi… These are decent vendors. But that’s all they are. Just like companies that sell face paper and cold wraps. They’re Vendors. They sell to our profession, but they’re not truly in our profession. They can never understand what it is to take a patient’s health in our hands; to help patients gain drug-free health with our holistic approach.

We invite you to have a discussion with us to see the difference partnering with a chiropractic-owned company dedicated solely to the chiropractor and their patients can truly make.

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