Razor-Sharp Digital X-Ray Images, Ultimate Flexibility

Our ChiroSight Bucky sensors use charged-coupled device, direct radiography (CCD-DR) and are designed for low-power use and extended life. The assembly is fully enclosed to prevent image degradation and its tilting design provides a full range of motion to capture extremity views and difficult angles.

Plus, ChiroSight plates utilize Cesium–far superior than Gadolinium–to absorb 50% more light and eliminate wavelength noise for razor-sharp, diagnostic-quality imaging.

This powerful combination offers superior results:

  • Best photography, radiography and imaging processing technology
  • 16-bit pixel sampling with an 80-dB contrast ratio
  • 9- or 16-megapixel resolution models
  • 10 second transfer to workstation
  • Connects to office or remote locations via Ethernet

Your X-Ray Equipment + Our Technology

Our retrofit solution integrates our sensor assembly with your existing high frequency or single-phase x-ray equipment and includes our powerful ChiroSight digital x-ray software, plus a 5-year warranty. It’s simply the best value on the market for practices that don’t require a complete turn-key system.